Robert Wiegand

1922 - 2008 (and more)


This is a small memorial web page for Robert Wiegand. Also known as Bucky. Updates are occurring frequently - you might need to hit "refresh". 

Here's the initial notice.

The Plain Dealer is publishing a full obituary.

We have information on the memorial picnic.

We have LOTS of photos. Updated frequently.

You can leave notes and memories over at the Plain Dealer site, and read what other people have said.

If you want to get e-mail updates about the memorial, etc, and you're not already on our list, send your e-mail address and your name to me ( and I will add you in.

If you want to send photos, comments, and whatever-else-you-like to be included on this page as it evolves, also email me at the same address. We're especially looking for typical things that Bucky would say - especially the rude (witty) remarks.

Thank you.

Garry Wiegand, "webmaster"